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20393 E. Calle De Flores

Queen Creek, AZ, United States

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  • ​           Assisted Living

Our Mission

​“To provide exceptional care in an exceptional home. Our foundation is built upon our passion to care for the elderly and enrich the lives of those we attend to.  We are honored to serve our Eden Estate family with respect, integrity and kindness. In harmony with our residents’ families and loved ones, we strive to inspire a meaningful, vibrant life while providing the assistance needed to ensure safety and enhance well-being.”



   There are no vacancies at this time.

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We pride ourselves on being the best Queen Creek has to offer! 

  • Exceptional Assisted Living Home
  • Zero-deficiency home since inception
  • Owned  by a Registered Nurse with home health care experience.
  • Offering all 3 levels of care; Supervisory, Personal and Direct
  • 24 hour awake staff

Call Us: (H)  480-275-8379

                 Cell: 703-595-6324


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